Sol lucet!

And that, is my sister Bees. Not the sun, but she shines her light into my day. ❤ 

Soon it will be breakfast and after that, it’s up in the air bc I have nothing until Tuesday and Wednesday and Friday. Each week this is. Tuesdays and Fridays, I have my baths, and Wednesdays my sisters and I hit Tim’s and the dollar store. I look forward to this every Wednesday. It is the highlight of my week.

Well.. I hear Mom so… til later?


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September 13, 2021

Well, if you have nothing on your schedule yet for today, that leaves you endless possibilities. Maybe take another bath? Relax in the tub. Go out for a walk. Read a book. You can do anything you want if you are open today.

September 13, 2021

@caria I think I will go for a walk, it’s a beautiful day. 😀 TY Carina.

September 13, 2021

tall this week at  tims i got  2  today vary good try  them



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September 13, 2021

@ihavenoarms Cool… maybe I will have a smile cookie on Wednesday!

September 14, 2021

@kartoffeltorte i got 2 more today so good