The Deerfield Legacy

I was playing the Sims 2 this aft and I got some screenshots for you. If you see any suspicious images, instead of my Sims screenshots, try and ignore it. 😶


Meet Ryleigh Deerfield. Family sim, likes men who can cook whilst in their tighty whities. She hates zombies which is too bad bc I love them…

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They rock, and maybe they will play a part in this legacy. I’m thinking Denise??


She met Gilbert Jacquet.


It was like, almost like love at first sight? Except I used the TOLAD bc Gil wasn’t into her until I boolpropped her.


Since this is the Deerfield legacy which btw is a Perfect Genes Legacy where a certain desired physical feature is tried to pass down through the generations… with this legacy, it is Ryleigh’s purple eyes. That said, bc this is the Deerfield legacy and not the Jacquet legacy, she proposed and he accepted.


That is a classic.


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I love this girl so much. 😊


I wonder what she is talking about.. something earthshattering no doubt.


Ryleigh: *sighs* Magoyo.

Gilbert: *sighs* Magoyo.

I believe magoyo is simlish for I do.


I might have hurried up her pregnancy… lol I hate waiting… I’m pretty impatient. But look! Pink dust!


I also did the force twins cheat. I’m bad I know.


Mike and Bri have entered the world. What do they look like? Will they have the purple eyes? You shall find out soon enough! And when Denise passes on, she is coming back as a zombie. That I can assure you.



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