The Slater Legacy – A Perfect Genes legacy…

A Perfect Genes Legacy is where a certain physical attribute is carried on through out the generations. In this one, my sim has custom orange eyes. That is what I am trying to breed. Also it is a pain in the arse unless you have Boiling Oil’s Unlimited Sims hack. Seriously!

Ok, here we go…


Oh and if my images are replaced by weird images, par for the course. This be Emma Slater. Family sim, which is basically all I ever do.. LOL!


Joe Carr (pictured above with Emma) has got to be my favorite townie.


Ems feels the same way too.


But then, opportunity knocked in the shape of an angry Mrs. C. I boolpropped Emma with her. I wanted to see what happened.. I know. I know, curiosity killed the cat….


I will have more tomorrow, I’m bushed!


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