Timmy’s and Pik Kwik

Today after supper, Bees, Julz and I are going to Pik Kwik and Tim Horton’s for a little something. After all, it is the 3rd phase of re-opening of restaurants and movie theatres, and what not. @ihavenoarms, hey Todd, are things opening up fully where you are?

I just had some raspberry yoghurt.. very delicious! Today we are having chicken salad sammies and salad for lunch and a pasta bake for dinner. ❤ Crystal is looking after us today, bc Mom needs to be somewheres else. I know Crystal from a while back, she maintains Halsey Lodge. I am hungry… but then, when aren’t I?

I think that I will take my shower cold af today. I know Liz thinks I’m crazy but I love it. Even in the winter I love cold showers. 🤣

Sammy xoxo


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July 16, 2021

I think I’m with Liz lol. I can’t take them that cold, but I do prefer tapid/cool water on the hottest days in the summer.

@caria I love cold showers.

July 16, 2021

Oh dear, I’m not sold on the cold showers. What is a Pik Kwik? Is it a gas station or convenience store?

@heffay it’s the latter.

July 16, 2021

have  not  checked a  lot out but seen some indoor  eating at a  place down the  road

July 16, 2021

ps web site to the  place down the  road called  festival cafe     www.festivalcafe.ca  ps  that used to have  a  food  at the  festivals be for  coved