Today is my friend Anne’s birthday…

I went out in the backyard and saw her for a bit, she brought in some fresh picked strawberries for us, I don’t usually eat strawberries but they were nice and ripe. 🙂 It’s also Bee’s father’s birthday today. 🙂

Friday afternoon we are going to go out to the UCM. I am going to trade in my old iPad and possibly get a newer version… at least that’s what I’m hoping for. And we are going to go to SportChek and Old Navy too and the dollar store.

But other than that, we might go trek down to Econo’s Pizzeria and Café for some fish and chips as I cannot eat panzos anymore as they fuck with my diabetic score, y’know? So, fish and chips or even a hamburger and fries… I haven’t had that in a long time.

I just had Jello-mousse strawberry flavor for snack. 🙂 Tonight is chicken parm / swiss chicken night.



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