Water consumption

I need to drink more water. Esp. in this hot weather. Just putting it out there. G is being a royal pain in the arse. Talking about me with J when I’m in the next room. Fucking bitch. She will probably slander Bees and Julz too.. just for the fun of it. Ha! I just chatted with Julz, G is slandering Bees and Julz. I am going to Dave about this bc I can’t take anymore shit from G.. or D for that matter.

I am going to take a nap. The weird thing is last night I dreamed that L was bragging about some new stuff she got. She does this in reality too.

I am living with a snarky boastful lot.


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4 weeks ago

Want me to whoop her ass!

4 weeks ago

@kaliko Plznthnx! 😀