Win 11 preview build and not much simming..

Yet again, I didn’t have time for simming. I guess I will tomorrow?? Here is my weekly schedule for this week:

  • Monday: nothing really
  • Tuesday: same as Monday
  • Wednesday: possibly a meeting with Raza?
  • Thursday: Dr. Bridge eye appt
  • Friday: first in person group therapy (yay!!)
  • Saturday: nothing, just your average lazy Saturday…
  • Sunday: church at 10a.

This weekend is up in the air and actually THIS Sunday is church. Not next. My mistake..

I am going to make my sister Bees a Tik Tok star. 😛 Tomorrow when there is more light, the sun is setting so.. I want to get her in natural light … quite possibly the most funniest shit this side of the Rockies and we are farther than fuck from there LOL!!!!

Sammy xoxo

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