Lack of Focus and Motivation

Ever since I was a little girl, everyone I knew including my parents, kept reminding me of how much potential I have.

They taught me to believe that I can do anything.

I grew up, I was an athlete that won competitions, I was excelling at school, I got into ivy league school and I have a very lucrative and high paying job.

However, I still feel like I only have the potential, not really using it. I am not happy at work, I can’t find the guts to leave, and I’m frightened of not knowing what to do if I leave my job.

I feel like I have the potential to be good at a lot of things, but every time I try something new, I can’t find the focus and motivation to finish it, or to become better at it.

I wish I knew how to help myself get on a path to success which means – finding something meaningful to do that will make me happy.



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