Miracles 22: Ego’s Perceptions of Others

Five ways I have separated myself from others:

  1. Being upset with the way Drew was dismissing me getting several beds
  2. Not liking Abbey’s hair today
  3. The old woman next door when Greywind barked at her
  4. Tracy taking pictures in front of her new house
  5. Talking about Zach

1. How do I judge others? I judge the way they parent.  The way they look.  Are they poor or uneducated.

2. How do I attack others?  In my mind or in actions?  Dismissing sisters.  Tell myself the other person doesn’t work as hard as I do.  Or have the same struggles that I have had.  Their looks.  Their attitude.

3. Whom do I make special?  Drew, for sure.  Zach.  The boys.  Myself.  Rachel Pachivas.

4. How do I make myself more special than others?  I see myself as prettier or smarter.

5. How do I compare myself to others?  Looks, intelligence, parenting, money.


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