Offering of gratitude

It’s hot this week, so I am rethinking my cycling attire for the afternoon ride home.  I got home last night and was just dripping.  It’s not that long of a ride so I’ll see how much I want to stuff in my backpack

It was a quiet night, had some dinner, watched some tv, tried to cool down.

I am getting into my room earlier these days, what with all this new daily physical activity. So about 9 I went in my room to get ready for bed

Took a nice long hot shower and I went out on my little zen deck to cool off.  I shut my eyes and stood there, letting the cool night air wash over me. All I could do was say ‘thank you’ over and and over.  What an amazing gift the universe gave me, I had so many thoughts in my head about how to manage without a car, it was all consuming

I went back in my room and grabbed some frankincense and myrrh incense and made a little offering of gratitude.  I laid down and said all the mantras  I say before I drift off to sleep.  I also say a list of thank yous and positive affirmations.  Every night, without fail, those thankful thoughts flow through my head.  They say if you fill your head with positivity instead of recapping all the negative parts of your day, your subconscious believes it and you are in a better mental state. I honestly think there’s something to that.  I wake up feeling pretty damn great every day

I am humbled by this whole experience. It renews in me yet again that whatever it thrown at me, I can rise above it and thrive.

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August 13, 2019

It’s all a matter of perspective at how you look at the good , the bad and the ugly….I find even the ugly can be a great out look on life and how to make a bad thing into something great….