Verdict is in

Kia called first thing on Monday.  They are going to take a look at the car and will get back to me

I waited until after 1pm and my parents said you should just go over there.  So I drove over in my mother’s car and headed over

Seized engine, it threw a rod and there was a big hole in the engine

Could have been worse, could have burst into flames, so there’s the silver lining in this

I started crying in the service department, not a good look I know, but with the stress of my mother not handing her surgery very well, this added worry about the car, well, I was bound to lose it at some point

Nick, probably THE nicest service manager, talked me through what he was going to do.  He had all the paperwork on my upkeep on the car as proof that it was well taken care of. He acknowledged that the car was overfilled with oil. He was going to bat for me with the warranty company and that he will do everything that he can for me.

I drove off in a haze.  I can only wait at this point

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