I am trying to get a handle on all the work that I need to, but I am so distracted by my monkey mind, chattering away about all the different scenarios with my car

I am trying to stay positive, patient, grateful, humble…I sat on the train last night and played a video/recording of the Ganesh Mantra.  It was so calming and soothing.  I meditated on that as I fell asleep last  night too.  My hope is that it will calm and steel me for the decision that will come when I hear back from Kia.

I arrived home from my trip to a box from Lion Brand, my preferred yarn dealer er store, and once I get settled, I started yet another knitting project.  This one I have done before, but I am doing it again because it’s just so classic and beautiful.  I will give this blanket to my boss, it will actually go quite well in her house.  Even that didn’t calm my nerves

I have a lot to do, both here at work and at home.  I feel like I am operating in a fog, my boss is just dropping all of these big projects on me and I just smile and nod, and say sure, sounds great, knowing full well the moment I leave her office, I will forget them and get panicked later when she asks me about them.

At home, tonight, once I get settled, I am going to sit in front of my chest of drawers that are filled to the brim with cycling gear and figure out just how I am going to navigate myself, the bike, my gear, etc. on Monday when I start this new chapter (again) of riding my bike to the train. I bought some lights and a lock, as my road bike isn’t remotely equipped for commuting, but I would much rather ride that beauty than my hybrid.  As I type that though, a thought jumped into my head.  I wouldn’t want my road bike stolen from the train, so instead of sleeping the 45 minutes on the train to work, I will have to sit there and keep a keen eye on her. Now I am wondering if I should spend the money and get my hybrid tuned up.  But that wouldn’t be in time for Monday, so I will just have to keep an eye on my road bike

I am going to give myself a few minutes to clear my head, then I am going to get my act together.

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August 9, 2019

I hope the weather is nice the days you are riding your bike to work…..

August 9, 2019

@jaythesmartone It’s gorgeous in the SF Bay Area this time of year.  Technically August and September is our ‘summer’.  It will be glorious, and I am so glad I get to clear my head twice a day