Shadow Work Journal Exercise: Fear

Imagine yourself unafraid. You have no doubts, no worries, no fears of the unknown.  The things you used to worry about do not exist. Write about what you would do if this was the case. What would you do if you weren’t afraid?


Wow. Wow, wow, wow. This is an incredible prompt because already I can hardly even imagine a world where I am not afraid because fear has always been present in my life in some way. Sometimes you don’t even really become aware of it until apparently you get a journal prompt about it.

I would imagine it would feel like a major weight lifted off me. That I could just do a task and not be worried I would fail. That I wouldn’t worry what people thought of how I looked or acted.

So, I suppose in the absence of the fears, I would be able to do anything I previously hesitated about unencumbered. I would put myself out there more, take more risks. I write all this filler as I’m trying to come up with someone more specific.

Well, definitely putting myself out there more socially. I hold back a lot, I’m quiet even in times where I should speak up. I fear rejection, so if that fear didn’t exist, I imagine I would just speak up more and handle the consequences (positive or negative) as they came and just move on. Maybe to apply for more things even if I think I don’t have a chance at something. Maybe to go to protests more and be more involved in activism. I would stand up for myself more, where I let people walk over me.

I think that I would use my fearlessness to help other people overcome theirs too.

I will say though, and I know I’m going beyond the prompt now, but I feel it’s worth noting that I also don’t think I want to imagine my life or a world with no fear at all. I think in many circumstances, fear is a reasonable response to a scary environment or circumstance and that fear is what keeps us on our toes from those who would do us harm. I think that if I were in a real situation worthy of being afraid of, I wouldn’t want to just…feel neutral to it. I think fear is on the spectrum of emotions for good reason.

For the sake of the exercise though, I think I want to understand the prompt as not having fear over things that might have a positive outcome if the fear were not present. And I think that even if a negative outcome happens (taking a chance, and it not going as planned), it’s about learning to take it in stride. “Oh no, I failed at this, but I’ll keep trying. I’ll do better next time.” To not let the fear hold me back from having full life experiences.

I think striking the balance is being able to discern when fear is helping and keeping you safe (kinda like fight or flight reflex), and when it is holding you back from moving yourself forward.

I may add on to this at a later time, but spouse is home and it’s time to spend time with them! Wishing everyone a happy Tuesday where ever they are!

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