Doctor My Eyes

i know its not the smart thing to do, but as i am recovering from my surgery and have no means of supporting myself for another handful of weeks, i am bringing my son home to me…

i made him a promise that i would never leave him and for a time i sent him away, but never again…

the landlord will have to throw me out before i throw him away again…

he will die in my arms as he survived his parvo so long ago…

he is my entire life…




*for those who are new, my titles are song titles, they make for a good listen*


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3 weeks ago

I’m glad you are bringing your Jasper home to pass away in your arms.  I’m sorry he has cancer.  So very sorry.

3 weeks ago


3 weeks ago

Having those you love close to you makes life a lot better and something to look forward to for tomorrow.

3 weeks ago

I’m glad you’re getting your boy back.

3 weeks ago

@queenofegypt thank you. he is my soul.