jive talkin…

Woke from a dream that was fairly strange…

i was setting on the Dock of the Bay with my friend Paco Salad and we were discussing Murphy’s law when i asked my friend if he had ever heard of Cole’s law…

“No my friend I haven’t.” He replied
“What is Cole’s Law?”

“Diced cabbage in milk.” I replied and then woke up…

*for anyone who has a problem with my friend Paco Salad, i have asked a mexican friend of mine if there was a problem with me dreaming of a mexican named Paco Salad and she has assured me that there was no problem with it, unless you are white and a liberal.*

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December 29, 2018

Even being a white liberal is okay…..But then are democrats the same as liberals?

This is an urban legend from what I just found out.


But then you knew this right?

December 30, 2018

Funny dream!

I’m white and although many in my state would consider me liberal I’m actually that funny thing called “middle of the road,” (is that still allowed to exist?) and see no trouble with Paco Salad. I’m quite sure my Hispanic husband would take no offense either. 😜