A Family Record

Hello all, I’m back!

Darryl asked me to start keeping a daily diary as a sort of family record, and was ecstatic to find out (since he apparently forgot that I told him, lol) that my diary was recovered! I started this diary just after we started dating, so it spans our relationship from the beginning and more than half of our lives at this point. So much has happened in the year or so since I last wrote, but I will type out a proper entry tomorrow after I clean my laptop’s keyboard, since Bella got something sticky on it. Plus, I’ve been working way too much between my normal job and Doordashing/UberEats driving (more to come on all that too) and I’m flat exhausted and not thinking super clearly tonight. Tomorrow is family night, so I’ll sit and write a proper update while we hang out. Until then, much love everyone!

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