I say to you.  Bah!

Well, not really…  But I’ve got a few Bah’s in there(and not nice ones like sheep have) (maybe a black sheep)  (Nope, black sheep are cool too).

Mainly cause Doc is being a dick.  It seems he’s still not in a good mood over something.  And I seem to be fueling the fire by not being able to provide  CD quality music on hold of an unknown song.  To those of you that don’t know, phone quality is less than that of AM radio, so trying to magically make music come out of the phone that sounds about 10 or so times better than it is physically capable of can be quite perplexing.  I took out my magic wand, smacked the phone with it, then put on my trick ass and shit out some magic music, but lo it is still not good enough for him.  He swears that for the last 40 years he has heard nothing but super crisp high fi awesome music while he has been on hold with others.  But I am just incapable of delivering.  I think perhaps he is on less drugs than when he listens to other’s music on hold.

This being a fun continuation of a couple weeks ago when Mrs. complained that there was no music on hold.  I don’t know how long it’s been, but I’m guessing years that way.  So I turned it on last week.  Then I hear that it needs to be "better".  I listen and it sounds like the same old crap I’d here anywhere else on hold…  Doc gets frustrated and tells me to just shut it off via email.

This morning he comes in and he’s still frustrated.  I tell him, music on hold is just not important to me, I’ve never heard anything good while on hold.  He tells me "But it needs to be important to you!"  (oh my, what could POSSIBLY be more important than music on hold?!)  And I repeatedly ask him just what he wants on there and tells me that this should not be that big a deal yet he can NOT tell me what it is that he wants to hear!  It must be SOOO simple that he can’t even think of it!

I also went in search of the magic cable which allows one to play music for the phone to record.  This resulted in my spending hours in the basement doing some much needed cleaning.  Well, I call it cleaning…  The shelves are a bit clearer and one aisle is now near impassable with boxes and cables and cards and manuals and cd’s etc.  There is a chance that tomorrow morning I shall endeavor to take said trash out to the receptacles where yon trash removers may take it to a resting place somewhere in a pile of dirt where it will disintegrate over centuries and if we’re lucky generate some methane which will produce some electricity or something even better yet we have yet to think of!


Sandy was pretty good to us.  She worried me with her winds last night.  I can only ever picture that wind grabbing an overhang and ripping our roof right off thereby leaving us with a windowless skylight roughly covering 1/3 of our house and causing major mayhem.

But, other than some branches on our road to dodge this morning, it seems just like a damp, windy week.

Oh, though I did have other issues this morning…

I had to do some emergency evasive maneuvers to out-maneuver a bunny who seemed dead set on racing me across the road, but I outwitted him(or else he squished with no noise, but I choose not to believe that.  I know I got my front end to his side and not OVER him).  Unfortunately with this maneuver and braking, there was the result of my messenger bag with a liter of water inside toppling to the floor.  And once I got to work, I soon made the connection that no one had been in my passenger side for the floor to be wet and that I likely had a loose top on the water bottle.  Thankfully, it wasn’t SUPER wet and I didn’t have a ton of problematic items in there, so at this point I believe everything is dry and saved.

Also of note on the way in was a fox(I believe but he was quite pale) but he streaked across the road well in front of me.


Though it was still hectic once at work.  See, I knew it would be wet, so I thought I’d bring another pair of FiveFingers to wear while washing the one pair, except they were also stinky and needing a wash.  And I thought if I was washing one pair, I might as well wash them all.  So I did and walked around barefoot for a while.  Though, I then realized that I do not have a big high speed fan here like I do at home for drying…  Hmm.  Well, I used my heater on fan mode which is not that powerful, but the first pair was mostly dry after the better part of an hour…  I decided to go against directions and try the rest in the dryer on just air.  They made a lot of noise, but they seemed slightly more dry after 20 minutes or so and then I just did pairs at a time in front of the fan.  Though, I then realized I seemed to be missing one…  Sure enough, I dig in the dryer and one was stuck alongside a paddle near the top.  But it seems that crisis is over now.


Then there were updates to do, and apparently Doc got another monitor stuck up on a wall in one of the hygiene rooms so I had to go figure out where the other end of the cable went (Cause there are about 5 of them dangling down in the basement and they weren’t really labeled) and hook it up to something to display pretty pictures. Oh, but then the pictures weren’t there because I’m guessing the radio station pictures we display were likely having some internet issues to do with Sandy cause I couldn’t get there along with a few other places.  Though at this point it seems they are working.


But it seems like it may be about time to go home now.  I feel like something for dinner…  THough I’m not really sure what…

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October 30, 2012

I don’t anyone much really cares what music is played on hold. 😀 But I suppose there’s no harm in improving the experience. 😉

October 30, 2012

OH GOOD GRIEF! Like people really care about hold music!

October 30, 2012

^Seriously. I spend most of the time on hold wishing the damn music would shut off because it’s always god-awful elevator crap. Sorry your boss is a tool, and glad Sandy mostly passed you by.

October 30, 2012

Glad Sandy didn’t do any more damage. Simply amazing what kind of nonsense ones place of employment can come up with.

October 30, 2012

(random) Thanks for a good laugh 🙂 I will make sure I’ll pay attention to hold music right now… Since according to Captain Dick there, it’s so important in life!

October 31, 2012

ryn: I think we’ve tried to do that and could not figure out how. I will have to research it and try it again 🙂

November 1, 2012

ryn: My phone storage is AWFUL! Its getting worse and worse and I have nothing on it.

November 1, 2012

Ryn: it does and I have one in there. Dave has a pretty big on in his and he still has issues with it. I wish facebook would get **** together and allow storage to SD card because that takes up a pretty big chunk of our memory.

November 7, 2012

Happy Birthday!!!!

December 29, 2012

Glad Sandy was pretty good to you. Hold music is awful 97% of the time.