Dogs Rule

 Well…  I’ve finished my 80 hours as of yesterday and Doc is out till next Wed so I’m taking today and tomorrow off I think.

I found some Bethany Christian adoption agency thing that at first glance looks like it might be promising.  Need to look at it more.

I need to figure out what exactly I’m doing today…  I’m thinking it will involve some walking(in the cold) and maybe a movie of some sort…


Anyway…  You all deserve to see this: Dogs singing Star Wars in costumes.  There’s a Great Dane at the end that really tops it off!  Err…  Oops, I think I meant Greyhound!  Anyway, it rules!


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January 19, 2012

I LOVE the dogs, so cute!

January 19, 2012
January 19, 2012

Made my day!

January 19, 2012
January 19, 2012

LOVE dogs!

January 20, 2012

HA Too cute!

January 24, 2012

I keep seeing that greyhound costume everywhere. I just love it!