The Republic

 OK, go back one for the entry I just put up on my running accomplishment and what not.

But I just had to say this as well.


I love RepublicWireless.  Seriously.  They are just awesome.

If you’re not aware, they are a cell company that works like this:

-You use wifi for calls and texting when you can.

-If not, you use Sprint’s service

-If not, you fall back to roaming on Verizon or whatever other service is on the same bands.


You have to buy a phone.  I paid $100 for my first and $30 for Sara’s.  These are kinda middle-range Android Smart phones.

November they will be selling the Moto X for $300.  But since we already have the Defy’s, each would qualify for $100 gift card from Moto and 10% off monthly cost for life from Republic.


Monthly cost?  Currently $29.  For unlimited EVERYTHING.  Calls, text and data.  (there was also a $19/month plan if you paid like $200 for the phone)

The pricing changes next month to $5 if you just want wifi use.

$10 to gain cell for calls and text.

$25 for unlimited everything.

$40 if you want 4G in the mix as well.

And you can change your plan twice a month if you want.


Anyway.  That’s pretty awesome.  But why do I REALLY think they are awesome?  Well, it’s also because they keep telling us what they are working on to improve things and make things better.  It’s obvious they care and are doing stuff.


BEST though?  Facebook…  They reply…  And they are AWESOME.

I leave a message like "Oh Republic, I wish you could tell us about your new phones" and they reply with something like "Oh Levi" and somehow we end up with several replies that sound kind of like the sound of music but also possibly slightly risque.  

I leave a message that my Birthday is Nov 7th and it would be very nice if they could put a Moto X in my hand by then and that I picked out my case for it.  They reply with a "happy early Birthday and we’ll send you this case" With a picture of this awesome pink completely bedazzled case!  

Today they were asking for your favorite superhero on comic book day and I suggested their mascot, a possibly slightly dim southern gentleman and we end up in a conversation about how might be Batman.


Now I ask you, can you POSSIBLY imagine having conversations such as these with Verizon or ATT, etc?!  Let alone actually getting a decent deal on your service!?


I hadn’t thought of it, but I guess I will say to let me know if you actually want to sign up, I think I have a referral code somewhere that gives us both a free month or something…

I think there’s still a couple days if you want to buy a Defy now and then get the rebate/discount on the Moto X in November.


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September 25, 2013

How are their international text rates? This is currently an extra expenditure for me that needs a bit of cutting.