feeling confused

You ever get tired of thinking ? like ur mind just keeps going and going and never shuts off, i feel like thats whats happening i’m trying to make everything work and my mind is going like crazy.  how i can raise my 3 year old daughter, how im 22 and have no social life… how my soon to be ex husband just left and never looked back…how im not good enough how am i not likable. shit like that just through out the day….i feel like im going and going never slowing down, and yet getting nothing done it seems like. and fucking up a ton…when does the pain stop and when does it get easier.? how do you know who ur supposed to be now that ur single ? and a single mother.? who am i ? and what am i doing,


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September 3, 2021

Whoever said you are not good enough and what makes THEM an expert on you? You are doing fine. Better than many. Stop being so damned hard on yourself. You are you now. You are doing fine. Being a good mother. Being a good person. Surviving when so many are not.