Grammy’s Heart is back – but the name says kittypaws?

For some reason, when my diary downloaded, the title is kittypaws and there is only one previous entry.  I have written to the support team to try to change the name back and to retrieve my old diary, so hopefully I can do that.

I hope to find all my OD friends from before, so if you were my friend, please let any others know I’m here under kittypaws for the time being.  Hope to catch up on everyone as soon as possible!!  Glad to be back.



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March 17, 2018

Hi there,

I hope they are able to get things straightened out for you. Welcome back 🙂  I was so excited to read all my old entries. Well have sweet dreams. Hugs from Turtle

March 17, 2018

Looking forward to getting back in touch with everyone!  Have a great weekend.

March 18, 2018

Awesome to see you!!!!!!!!!! I accepted your friend request, and thank you! 🙂 I hope the name thing and your old OD are retreived!!! BigHugzzzzzzzzzz!!!

March 18, 2018

Hi there old friend! Good to see you back here!

March 20, 2018

Whatever your name is, I’m glad you’re back and I found you!