My car fixing…..

Today I’m going to get my car fixed up a little bit. From a distance my car may look like not very pretty since someone hit the left side of my breaklights in the school parking lot and never bothered to do or say anything about, so today I’m going to make it beautiful with redtape so that no white is showing in my breaklights. It is illegal to have white in your breaklights, or something like that, thus I will no longer get pulled over for my breaklights. Once when I was taking my brother out of town with me this August, there was a fly in my car. He decided to catch the fly and while doing this he caught his hand in my rear-view mirror, ripping it off. I was mad, but there was nothing I could do and now I’m going to fix my mirror since my dad decided or finally got some adhesive stuff to put my mirror back on. I also am gioing to get an oil change, which I usually do every 3,000 miles but my dad and I have not found time to do the oil change until now. Then a couple of weekends ago my brother used my car to pick up my little brother from my moms for a visit, he also took his friend with him. Well when they were driving my tire popped thus I have a doughnut on, which is really annoying, and today my dad is going to help me get a tire for my car. So tonight that is a lot of what I’m going to be doing, fixing my car and its random problems. This was a random post and I’m pretty sure I was not very clear on my stories, so I will say sorry for droning on.

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