The Love of my Life

  In 2004 at the end of June I found two wild kittens at my Frankfort house and I took them home to be tamed.  I locked them in my room so they couldn’t run away and hide.  I fell in love with them and soon they loved me, to them I was there mother.  I named them Oreo and Peaches, they were both girls.  When they were finally tame enough to be let out of my room, I let them out to roam the house.  They were a bit skitish of people.  Whenever I would go into my room and they happend to be near by the would come to visit me and purr for me.  I loved them so much but I knew I could only keep one.  I couldn’t decide.  Both of the kittens loved me the most of all the people in my home, and of course I was there mommy.  Then one day my sister kidnapped Peaches and I came to stay the night with her to, since I would have to calm this kitten down, she still had a wild streak in her.  Peaches loved me the most of the kittens, now that I think about, so she I needed to be there for her.  Luckily, it was after school on Friday so I had my bag with me.  When my dad got home I called him and told him what my sister had done and told my sister to take me home right away.  I shoved my cat in my bag and made it home with her in there some how, then I locked her in my room so my sister wouldn’t know I took her back.  The next day when my sis came she thought Peaches had ran away home to me but that wasn’t what happend.  After that incident both of my cats slept with me, every night.  Then I started to wonder where Oreo was and she had stolen her too and given her to my other sister.  I was sad, butI realized I lived without her so long that she must not be the one I’m meant to keep.  I kept her and she loved me so much.  I was her mother completly.  She would be worried or hear a strange noise, look up at me and meow like she was asking me what that was or if I could help her.  I loved her so much.  When I would come home from school she would come up to me and strech on me, with her paws on my thigh.  Sometimes when she would do that she would accidently dig her claws in too deep, then she would let go right away because she knew it kinda hurt me.  That was her way of greating me.  Then if I would spend the night somewhere else and come back the next day she would meow at me, like she was chewing me out for leaving her.  If I ever went to spend the night at my sisters apartment I would take Peaches with me.  I never knew if she liked those trips with me, but I know she liked be with me.  If that makes any sense.  During the winter Peaches would sleep on top of the computer screen because it was warm up there.  I thought it was very cute.  I had a great time with her, I loved her so much.  It took her forever to get pregnant.  Then she did finaly and had kittens on June 22, 2005; about two weeks after our other cat, Mamma Cat, had a single kitten.  I was so happy, I felt I had to be there for Peaches when she had her two little orange kittens.  I knew she would want me to be there with her (this might be disturbing information to you).  Then I moved her out to the shed because we were bug bombing our house and I didn’t want to hurt her.  Then she didn’t come in for a couple days and I started to worry about her.  I was sure she would come in and visit me, but then I thought she didn’t love me anymore and I still don’t know till this day.  Then on June 30 I came out to check on her and I heard her kittens crying loudly behind some junk.  I moved the junk so I could see the kittens and why they were crying so hysterically.  Then I saw the most horrible sight I have ever seen…Peaches dead body.  When I saw her body I knew she was dead and the grief washed over me like a flood of rushing waters.  Tears started to fall out of my eyes.  I was in a lot of greif, but not enough to try and save her famished kittens.  I picked them up and went to the house crying my brians out.  When my dad came home we went to go get some eye dropers to feed the kittens milk.  Then we burried Peaches and I started to cry all over again, Peaches meant so much to me that most people would understand my grief.  Peaches meant the world to me.  Then she was dead like that.  I knew I must keep the kittens alive to keep on Peaches line and to have a replacement for her loss, even though I most likely get a cat to love me so much ever again. We worked on keeping the kittens alive even though they were tiny like there mom.  It was my duty to keep them alive, but then two days later the boy kitten died.  I had no tears left when we went out to burry him.  The girl kitten lived but only because we told Mamma Cat that if she didn’t feed the kitten, we would get rid of her.  I don’t know if Mamma Cat understood or not but she fed the kitten and she has grown very much like her mother.  She purrs a lot wich is a good thing in a cat.  One day a saw my kitten sleeping on the internet conection box, which is warm because of the electricity running through it.  Then I thought of her mother and how that was like what Peaches used to do.  I don’t know what to name Peaches’s baby, cat names usually grow on me after will call it a name enough times.  For now she is the Little Orange Kitten or My Kitten when I’m speaking, I think Kitten will end up to be her name.  Kitten is a very healthy kitten now and even has a family consisting of her older and bigger step brother and a step mom.  Kitten and her step brother love eachother as if they were not of different moms, age, and size.  I miss Peaches so much  and wish all of the time that Kitten will love me and grow to have many offspring so that the Peaches line lives on, not only in memories of the heart but also in the bloodlines of her children.   

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