Weekend Conundrums

So as I said before, I have been using dating sites to help me find a boyfriend. I was talking to this guy who seemed pretty cool and we were planning on meeting soon. But then I realized over this weekend that I’m not ready for a relationship at this point in my life. I’m really busy with going to college, working, and spending time with my family. I relationship just would not fit into my life right now and I do not think that I am prepared in other ways to be a girlfriend to someone. I feel that I would put everything else in my life ahead of my boyfriend, I would totally suck as a girlfriend. So I told this boy what I had decided, we met on a dating site so I figured that he was interested in dating me. On his profile he talks about how he wants a ‘real’ girl who is gonna be good to him. After I told him I wasn’t ready for a relationship he said "Who said I was asking for a relationship?" and I was like you didn’t but we met on a dating site! Then he told something along the lines of "Don’t talk to me anymore and thanks for proving what I thought was right!" I did what he said, I didn’t ask him what I was proving to him but I was curious. I also feel terrible if I hurt his feelings but I was being honest. Its not like I had met him or anything so its not like I was leading him on a whole lot or that he could have any real feelings for him. I really want to tell him that I’m sorry if I hurt his feelings, but its best to do exactly what he told me to do. By telling him that I didn’t want a relationship now, wasn’t that the right thing to do? That way I wasn’t playing games or leading anyone on. I was preventing potential hurt feelings. He made me feel bad, cause it sounded as if he was mad or hurt. I don’t like hurting people but I was telling the honest truth. I would much rather go home and visit my family then go meet anybody. I feel like I did the right thing, I was hoping that we could possibly still be friends so in the future if he wanted a relationship from me I would be able to offer it to him.

On another note, school is pretty becoming pretty busy around this time. I had an essay this weekend and I have a test in a few days that I’m not to excited about. I haven’t taken a test from this teacher yet so I don’t know how to prepare for it as well as I would like. This weekend was busy so I didn’t do the best job on my essay, I had to help family move my sister’s broken car so that it can get fixed….which wasted a lot of my homework doing time. Then a few days ago my dad accidentally got in an accident with my old car, so its gonna be two-toned soon which is not gonna be cool. Even though my old car is a little bit junkie and much older than my new car, I still like it a whole lot better. It barely ever gets stuck in the snow…dang weather! Work this weekend was slow, but at least I’m making money!

Well I’m going to go to bed now and tomorrow I’m gonna have a busy day with classes. I’m also gonna take my mom to a job interview, I hope that she can get the job because it would be good for her to have a decent job. I have also been applying to find a new job in the town I’m going to school in, but so far no one has called me yet. Hopefully I can find one soon.

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