I Have a Barking Dog Induced Headache!

Ugh! There are about 15 dogs on our block. I love dogs but the neighbor across the street has two yappy dogs that she lets run and they bark non-stop. They woke me up at midnight last night and barked for two hours straight, while I was trying to take a nap, this afternoon. I have turned them into the Police Department and they have been talked to about it. Doesn’t seem to work. I may have to do it again.

This week has been pretty good so far, other than having to take my car in for the second time this month. I told them when I took it in the first time that I thought the problem was the fuel pump. They insisted it wasn’t. It continued to get worse so I took it in again and they finally agreed it is the fuel pump. My grandson had checked online prices the first time and they were pretty cheap, the most expensive being $162.00. The Auto Shop was going to charge me $367.00! My grandson gave me the parts I needed to order and where to order them and I sent the order in tonight. It came to less than $200 for all of it. He will put them in next week. This is the second time that I have had to tell mechanics that the problem is the fuel pump and they ignored me, and it turned out to be the fuel pump! I’m not the daughter and sister of mechanics for nothing! LOL!

Don and I visited his cousin’s church last Sunday. She is the one that married us. They had a wonderful trio sing during church. They had guitars and a banjo for accompaniment. My favorite was The Doxology sung to Foggy Mountain Breakdown. After church they had a BBQ with tons of delicious food. One of the servers was an EMT that I worked with when I worked dispatch. And we sat with the sweetest couple while we ate. They were young with a 7 month old baby boy. The mother is the church musician and moved here from Japan.

I got to “minister” a little bit  to a mental patient that we transported last week. She is the daughter of a friend of mine. She threw a fit when we came to take her to court but settled down after court. I hated that we had to take her in front of her mother with shackles on but it’s the policy and we are as likely to have a mental patient run as a prisoner run. I just hate doing it. We had an especially heartbreaking case earlier in the week with a 19 year old that has the mentality of a 4-5 year old. He is an only child and had never been away from home. He committed a horrible crime but most definitely didn’t understand what he was doing was wrong. He had the same thing done to him when he was young. It about broke my heart as well as his when they took his stuffed animals and “blankie” away from him. But they were very kind to him and told him he could get them back after they had gone through Security. I sent his parents a note the next day telling them that the trip went well, the Intake people were very kind and they would be able to visit him. If you want to pray for him and his parents, his name is Taylor.

We are going to leave at 06:00 in the morning and the work day probably won’t be over until around 10:00 p.m. so I had better start thinking about going to bed early. We have another one just like it on Monday. I hope for nothing on Friday!

Prayers for those in the path of Florence, please!








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September 12, 2018

Oh, don’t even get me started on mechanics! And doctors! My two most difficult people to do business with. When I find a mechanic who listens and treats me like an intelligent human being, I hang on to them for dear life.

September 14, 2018

You are a special person to be able to do the services you are doing for these people…HUGS

September 14, 2018

Are you ever frightened of the people you are transporting?  I think I would be.  I don’t know how crazy or just plain criminal the people you are taking are.

October 10, 2018

I so admire you for what you do.