Allergic to lemonade

I cannot even begin to describe what the last 10 years have been like.  I wrote about some of it before the 6 yr gap between my entries here on OD. The ghastly trend continued during those years including more death and illness.

Lately we are wondering if we are gong to be able to even consider getting another dog due to allergies. Our dog died of cancer in the fall of 2016 after a terrible short illness.  Slowly different options are falling off the table due to no fault of our own. In other words knee deep in lemons we now find a member of our household may be, metaphorically speaking allergic to lemonade.


Circumstances did line up to allow us to move in 2016 to a smaller house not far from our old house and already family owned.  Otherwise, with a few exceptions, 2016 was a year one of my kids referred to as”let’s not do that ever again”.

Waiting lists for elective surgery may need an entry to itself.

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July 11, 2018

Hi, and welcome back! Sorry 2016 was bad, but hopefully your kids have it right.