A proof, a reminder… just something

There are days when you just feel nothing. Your mind is blank and you enter a meditating-like state. But your body constantly moves. Your feet continuously walk without a destination. You end up at random places and wonder why? Why have I come here? These random places sometimes help you be at peace or rest from all the exhaustion you´ve been collecting for the past few weeks. Sometimes it feels calming, magical, or peaceful, but there are times when you feel deep sadness and it only reminds you of your loneliness.

Where have I ended up this time? Heh. A local bar I frequent when I was in uni. It´s not the loud music bar students go to, it´s one of those quiet, chill bar adults go to when they needed a drink.

I ordered what I have always have, a blend of scotch and whisky on the rocks. The bar tender said he rarely see people like me order hard drinks, he always get orders like bloody mary, screwdriver, or house blended cocktails from similar costumers. Hearing what he said, I got the impression that he was asking why I have always ordered hard liquors everytime. I just mumbled…

“Because it burns and I can feel it. It´s reminds me that I´m still here, suffering from this thing some call gift.”

“And what do you think of your gift.” He asked.

I drank the rest of my drink and answered before calling it a night.

“I recieved punishment, no gifts.”


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