(7/24/2022 ~ Extra) (Published 7/25/2022)

I love my three little siblings but they’re really really really annoying. Being the oldest isn’t all that fun tbh. My little siblings are all in middle school while I’m currently in highschool but they really act super immature. Bothering me about the smallest things at the worst times possible (When I’m trying to take a nap, doing my school work, talking to friends) and it’s not like I don’t have free time at the same time as them. It’s summer vacation right? I’m not even that busy and they aren’t either it’s only when I’m trying to do something important that they won’t just shush. Now, I do have my patience and I try not to get mad at them, understanding that they have things they want to talk about and stuff and at times I try to stop what I’m doing if I can but I just wish they wouldn’t talk while I’m doing something important or something that needs focusing. Regardless, I love and care about them. They just annoy me sometimes.

Yucky, while I was writing I had to pause because an ant was crawling on my arm. I feel gross eww.

I’m slightly nervous about the next school year. July is already ending and soon it’ll turn into August and then it’ll be the first day of school. I’m already scouring the internet for tips and advice for school. Why? Because although I finished with really really good grades, I had such a problem with procrastination, missing work, motivation, and other things.


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