7/24/2022 ~ Planning for the next school year

Hi I’m Citrus and I guess I’ll dive right in.

Recently I’ve been getting into making food. Cooking, Baking, etc you know? I don’t know how or why but one day out of the blue (3 days ago I think) I woke up and I’ve been just learning some recipes. I’ve also been trying to organize my life a little. It’s almost August and I want to have some sort of plan or something for it. My main theme for August will be “Comfort”. I want to make my room and desk comfortable for me. I want to do what’s comfortable for me. I’ve even set goals and books to read.

Recently I’ve been way more motivated too. Just have a lot of energy for things. I don’t procrastinate as much anymore. I guess that also came with the sudden love for learning food recipes. If I want to do something I feel like I can just DO it (And as someone with ADHD that was basically impossible for me). I really don’t know why all of this is happening I didn’t even do anything, but I’m not complaining. My one theory is that during summer vacation I’ve been doing nothing. Let me explain, during the school year and last summer vacation I’ve been so busy I had zero time to myself. Now I literally don’t have anything much to do and can just do the things I like.

I made sure not to make the same mistake of creating huge goals that intimidate me and stop me from ever doing em. Simple goals for August like finally planting my Strawberry seeds, using skin lotion for my dry skin every once a week, etc. Plus I made sure that there wasn’t a lot of those small simple goals that I’d get overwhelmed. Anyways thank you for reading my first entry.


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