7/25/2022 ~ Picking Electives + Readings (Published 7/28/2022)

People really think all Africans have dark skin and look a certain way. Sorry to break it to anyone who does but there are pale, tan, & brown ppl in Africa that are African.

I’m trying to pick an elective course that I like. I do want Psychology but I didn’t get that class last year and it’s one that a lot of people want to get. I’m really really interested in creative writing because I want to be able to write short stories and then maybe a whole book one day. Even if it’s for fun or for free on some random fanfiction website I still really want to learn how to be a better writer. However I also want to learn Journalistic Writing too. Maybe parenting class? Although I’m young I do want to have a child somewhere in the future. I take this kind of stuff very seriously. When I become a parent, I want to have most of my problems solved and be as mentally & financially stable and emotionally available as I can. I want to be a gentle type of parent. I don’t wanna traumatize my future kid and stuff. I want to be the best parent I can be. I’ll worry abt the parenting thing later in the future maybe. Buuut just in case I want to start a small business I want to take a business elective course. I can only pick 2 per semester. Of course there’s always next year for any other ones I want to try.


If you guys like tarot readings you can pick between these and then scroll to the thing you picked to get your general reading:





Group Purple –

Are you guys tired? Lethargic and unmotivated? Other people’s opinions may be holding you back (specifically a man). I think the people who picked this group are hella depressed right now. Or like, crushed. Basically life keeps on kicking you down. Guys this is your sign to keep going. I pulled a card that basically means patience and balance. I suggest doing little things to get your life back in order, specifically the message of cleaning your surroundings. Even if you’re too tired and unmotivated, picking up one piece of trash can make a difference.

Group Blue –

You’re getting some opportunities in your career / studies. Very random but you could be seeing squirrels outside a lot. Idk that’s it.

Group Green –

You’re going to be deciding on something really important. Each of the decisions you make could result in making someone upset so choose wisely. Whatever you pick, the main thing to remember is “Prioritize your health and wellness”. This decision might be a financial one or one regarding wealth and money.

Group Brown –

You might have a bit of a case of imposters syndrome (feel free to search it up). You are not a fraud, but someone else might be. Don’t worry, it’s no one close to you, just someone bitter and jealous. They may try to suck up to you or something but luckily, they’re a really bad liar.


Ok thats it thanks.

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