I have this stupid thought that’s stopping me from being happy.

All the happy people are off, being happy and positive and bubbly and strong in their inner worlds. And they leave all the unhappy people behind. The unhappy people are there, watching them like they’re in a movie theater. And they don’t even have popcorn and coke. The unhappy people listen to them but the happy people can’t really get to them. They can’t really make a change with them. All they can do is be there and flaunt their happiness with the hopes that it’s going to be contagious.

But I guess there’s a difference between happy people. Some happy people don’t bother to be there for the unhappy. Some happy people don’t become actors and make good movies that unhappy people enjoy watching. Maybe they think that flaunting will make the unhappy feel bad about themselves. Some happy people don’t share their happiness because they’re afraid of sharing it, which consequently makes them unhappy. I am afraid I am becoming one of these people.

All I know is happiness is for sharing. Happiness is contagious.

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