The yellow string, revisited

Music: Tender Love – ForceMCs

So I’ve been reading through my diary. From the beginning… all the stories. I just got up to the time I spent with Katziegirl. Those days were marvelous. Magic. Some of the best days of my life. I will never forget her.


But, as I said then, I learned to smile again. She gave me the best present she could, the confidence to believe in myself, to value myself once again. The tears in my heart, the tears in my eyes, were healed by her warmth. Yes, the scars are there, but they healed. I’ve let more and more people into my life. I have many, many more friends than ever before… I’m a stable, important member of my local ingress community. I’d never have done this if I was still that scared kitten hiding in my glass box.

I miss her terribly.

I recently watched Card Captor Sakura again. It was… not the same…

It never will be.

Music: Lips like Sugar – Echo and the Bunnymen

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April 10, 2018

To value yourself is a supreme quality, and a great gift.