What the hell…

Hold on tight.

I have to make a confession. I don’t like anime as much as I used to.

I have this backlog of like 100 dvds, of which I only really want to watch like five of them. I remember how it used to be, when a dvd would come, I’d be all excited and couldn’t wait to watch it. But now, I have to force myself to watch them. I’ve been burnt too many times I guess. Maybe fansubs are to blame, I’m certain I’d love to be watching DearS if I hadn’t seen it before and hadn’t read the manga and didn’t realize that the anime, to be honest, blows compared to the manga. Or maybe I’d be buying Kannaduki no Miko and having the whole experience of the “OMG THIS IS GREAT!” to “WTF THAT SUCKED” all over again.

But then there are the shows I’m really looking forward to having on DVD, like Tsukuyomi Moon Phase and Tsubasa Chronicle. And hell, I admit it, subtitled Naruto.

But to be honest, there really isn’t much that really excites me coming out right now. AMG is almost complete, Fullmetal is just about done, Otogi Zoshi IS done.

I guess it is just that the crap to diamonds ratio is too high right now. 😀

And I really want to go to Item World. Damn you work.

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April 9, 2006

Shock and dismay… no, I’m struggling with a disinterest in anime myself. Which is probably less amazing since you’ve got years and years on me.

miss ya