I’ve been writing mostly on PB because it seems most people have made a permanent change there. I still haven’t found all of my bookmarks there so I keep checking back here for updates.

With everyone gone, I’m more comfortable here again. Maybe it is because I have yet to fully immerse myself and adjust to Prosebox. I am writing there, but I am still not feeling it.

The people who have stayed on OD seem to be the bookmarks I’ve been reading the longest, so maybe it isn’t just me that is not completely ready to move on. Seeing their updates pop up still makes OD feel like home.

On the Health front, I’ve been feeling great. The original source of Eczema, my inner elbows, were completely cleared up until two days ago. I’m learning and eliminating foods I think are causing a reaction. although I think the underlying cause is stress. Since we moved out here, it seems I have been harbouring worry quite a bit. 

I wish I could be as carefree as I once was, but on the eve of 30, I think I’m gaining a different perspective, that is causing me to question whether I’ve wasted my life. 

There has been a lot of expectations of me since I was very young. It happens in Indian families. The problem it seems is that, once my parents let their expectations of me go, I held on to those and it upset that I haven’t become the person I thought I should have become.

I have posting the #100happydays challenge on Instagram, and its been nice to find happiness in the simple things. I have known for many years I don’t need a lot to make me happy, but celebrating those little things really brightens up the lonely days.

Fort Mac is very cold these days, and we have decided not to retreat to a beach this year. However, I am excited that when I wake up on my 30th birthday I won’t be here. Sam and I will be at my childhood home, the only home I had before I met Sam. The plan is to have a lovely dinner with Manda and Dave, and then we are heading to Ottawa for the weekend, before Sam heads back here and I stay behind.

My mom isn’t well, but I’ll know more about that this weekend. She’s seeing her doctor, and arranging an MRI. I will be seeing the Dermatologist this friday, and we’re going to have a Saturday night phone date to catch each other up. 

OD, I’ve missed you ol’ girl. Thanks for this.

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January 22, 2014

I will be here as long as there IS a here… lol 🙂

January 22, 2014

Thanks for your note! You know, whenever I say bad things about weed on here I actually don’t want to offend -you- because you’re right, some people can use it well and see benefits. I was just ranting. I really have no problem with it. I’m dealing with everything I can with a positive mind, that’s the only way! Your eczema problem sounds like it sucks balls though. Sorry about all of that ugh :I have a thing with the dry skin on my fingers and I bleed all the time because of it. Hope you stick around OD. I don’t update “a lot” but I don’t plan to move to PB ever. And how could you ever pick Fort Mac over Ottawa 😛

I don’t know if you’ve bookmarked me, but you haven’t friended me.