OD! You’re back! …kind of.

I wrote on entry on Prosebox, but I’m not really feeling it. I can be picky in that way. I buy all sorts of paper journals, and pens and they don’t ‘feel’ right, so I can’t seem to commit to writing in them. I don’t know if I’ll ever warm up to Prosebox… I think one major problem is that I’m feeling forced into the change, because so many people are moving over, and it’s not an organic change for me

I have been neglecting my course. Today I did some reading, while CoCo was being groomed and I had some alone time. However, I have been spending too much time crocheting. I made Amanda a scarf for her birthday (which is today!) and since I have to wait on my yarn order to finish Inez’s scarf, I figured I would dive into school work, but instead I couldn’t help myself and I made Jules a little scarf to match her Mama’s.  So I did that and mailed them out, and again committed to diving into my school work, when Sam’s friend and his girlfriend’s daughter was born, and I figured… a newborn scarf is pretty much a one day project, and with Sam at home, I was definitely not getting any reading done, and with the computer gone I couldn’t write assignments either. I am excellent at finding excuses NOT to do my readings and writings.

* So I wrote this out two days ago and OD went nuts and I couldn’t post it, so I re-wrote on Prosebox.

Sam’s been days all weekend, so aside from crocheting and reading I’ve had an uneventful weekend. Aside from the fire alarm going off and it causing my tea to over steep it’s been a good weekend. 

The only weird thing is, I have been having intense vivid dreams…. again. But now they’re weaving with vivid dreams from when I was much younger…. today I woke up amidst drowning… that though, is a first.

Ok, time to make a new tea. Grr! 

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It is strange, even suspicious, that as soon as I discover a word I hadn’t heard before, I then hear one or two people use it immediately the next day. But I still don’t know what ‘steeping’ is.

RYN: Such an exotic word for ‘dip’. 😛