A New Chapter for National Novel Writing Month 2019

I have been up and writing for National Novel Writing Month and my new chapter entitled The Knighthood Of Lord John Seymour.

My National Novel Writing Month Novel has a http://facebook.com page and I leave random chapters in it for my followers to read and it is full of history, music, and so forth.


This is the link to my facebook page and I share it for everyone to read my various chapters I place on it.


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February 16, 2019

Oh my…”National Novel Writing Month” sounds like heaven to me, why haven’t I known about this until now? Thank you for enlightening me!

February 16, 2019

@itsaunicorn There is a page on the internet where you can register if you are interested in October for National Novel Writing Month and you must complete the novel by November 30 to receive the award. It has been around for years.

February 16, 2019

@itsaunicorn https://nanowrimo.org/