I have tried so Hard With Jeff

I have tried so hard with Jeff to bridge the communication gaps between us. He is still hopeless attached to his family. He reminds me of another titty sucking Mama’s boy name Michael Czech. He had his mommy and daddy dearest up his ass. He would leave me to return to his mommy dearest when she called him on his cell phone.

I told him that I would start to look for a new boyfriend and he wrote me a nasty text and called me a heartless cold heart bitch. My friends said that I am not but he has never walked a mile in our shoes he has never been homeless because of man and he wants to talk about his pass but he doesn’t want to talk to me about my past like it doesn’t matter.

He asked me to give him another month but he just dogging it because in reality he doesn’t want to leave his piss poor health care in Alabama and try something.

I have only left one other man and that was third late husband Jerry Morris because he was to jealous, insecure, controlling and he wouldn’t let me have any friends.

He could have friends but I couldn’t. I just told him to send my stuff to me but he is always broke My late dad told me to get rid of rabid dogs.

I took him out of a crack house, with no electricity, no hot water, no plumping and I give a place to live for 280.00 and he receives the same amount of money I do and he was always broken by the 30th of month.

He doesn’t know how to use his android cell phone, download applications, he doesn’t know how to use lap top computer, a microwave over and he didn’t realize how dangerous a back draft fire can be. He didn’t realize the synthetic material is made of our plastic.’

I am so fucking pissed off.


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May 18, 2019

He sounds like my idiot brother in in law…..I wonder if they should become friends?  I know there are plenty more fish in the waters all over the world and you will find the right one when you are ready….

May 18, 2019

I have tried to so hard with this one and I am not sure that I want another one or not. My friend said that is he narcissistic and every shape and form. He clings to his family, he can’t be reasoned with.