Jeff might have caught This Damn Virus

All the ladies at Cornerstones have been found free of the cornavirus and I am afraid that Jeff has caught cornavirus in Alabama. He has no healthcare, no money, no Food Stamps, No State ID card and no birth certificate. George Arnold can’t locate him.  I have tried that Missing Person’s agency without a Missing Person’s Report from Huntsville Police Department.  The agency will not help me.

He asked me how it felt to get the Cornavirus and I told him that it varied   from person to person. I have gone through SARS, I have gone through the MRCA virus  too. I have survived it.

Some of the women at the shelter are stupid as shit. They are not smart.

They don’t know how to save money.

My caseworker asked me to stay. I was about to leave and go to Nashville.


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July 4, 2020

Nashville is one of the worst places to be going to now…..

July 5, 2020

I know but there is help for him there. He needs a new state ID card, EBT card, and Birth Certificate and the men’s mission can help him and so can the Room In The Inn in Nashvile.