Some People Never Learn

Today after four years I ended a friendship with Jody Beaver because she refused to listen to someone older than she is. She is pregnant with man that already has three children and he doesn’t even support them. She is pregnant and he is in prison for two years for assaulting two police officers in Arizona.

My friend Ashley and I were willing to help her come to Wisconsin and get on Temporary Assistance Needy Families because they give you it before the baby is born. Arizona makes you wait until after the child is born and she thinks she is going to get Social Security at the age of 28 years old. I sent her the rules about Social Security SSI and Disability. They will tell her that there is some kind of sit down work that she can do and she can learn a trade with her hands.

Well, I posted in my Facebook my rules and told her that she couldn’t disrespect me because all of my friends would see how disrespectful she is.

She is miserable because she has no money, no car, and she has to live with her grandmother in Arizona.

I tried to explain that she has already been turned down once and they will turn her down again as in Arizona they turn down 80% of the people in both re-considerations and then she has to appeal to Social Security ALJ and it will take up to four years for the ALJ to hear her case. He can still turn her down and that will be the end of the story.

There are GRID rules to help older people over 59 to get on Social Security or SSI due to their age and inability to get new job training, however the GRID rules don’t apply to anyone under 59 years old.


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