Dull day I’d say

Today seems pretty dull, not just the weather but everything else with it.

I had little things to do at work, compared to yesterday, I only made 3 PC… I was actually expecting more since keeping myself busy makes time fly.

Everything went by so slow, so to try and speed things up, I tried putting things in order, repair computers and dismantle them too.

After work, I went out with a friend of mine, she’s close to me and lives nearby so it was easy to make plans with her, even during the last minute. We kinda talked about what’s been going on lately and how our weekends were, it’s always nice to talk to someone about everything.

I wanted to see my boyfriend today, I was actually looking forward to it but he had to study for the upcoming test… sucks. I needed a big hug from you, the kind that makes you feel all better, the special kind of hug.

I’m probably gonna take a walk later, even though it just rained but… I love the smell that it leaves, very… earthy and wet kind of smell?

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