I can’t help it

Ugh, I can’t stop myself from getting so darn jealous all the time! Even if I know my boyfriend wouldn’t do anything to hurt me, he’s just too sweet and really, a one of a kind too. I don’t know anyone else who can put up with my jealousy but him. Whenever he’s talking to a girl, or in a group class chat and stuff I get upset and jealous but he knows exactly how to calm me down, even if it takes an hour. I know he loves me, I can SEE it, but it’s me.

I’ve always been the jealous type and the I need ALL YOUR F*UCKING ATTENTION type of person. Lord! I have no idea what to do!! I’ve been trying to fix this and I’m managing it, kind of… but still, a lot better than I used to be. I just really wanna make things work out between us ’cause I do love this guy.

I just hope the more I get old the better I become 😅

I’m still young anyways, if 21 is considered young. I don’t know. I feel old already.

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