Locust hoards

Just back from the supermarket in town. Empty shelves. No soap. No toilet roll. No pasta. No washing up liquid. No tissues. Little bread. Little tinned fruit. I can’t believe it.  The supermarket opened at 7 a.m. this morning to let old people do their shopping. Now, most of the stuff has gone. What did the Queen say yesterday?  “We are living in uncertain times”. Something like that. She’s decamped to Windsor Castle. Can’t say I blame her. If I had a castle outside of the city…

No point in complaining. I am still alive. No signs of symptoms. Healthy me. Enough food for me until some time next week. Even the cat has enough for a few days. Never known anything like it in all my life. Its like rationing has returned from just after the second world war. Not allowed to buy more than three items of things; in some cases, now more than two items allowed. I remember going to the local corner shop with the rationing cards my parents gave me to buy sweets. That was in 1954. You never know… might see them brought back to cope with the current situation we are in.


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March 20, 2020

If I had a castle outside the city, I would decamp too! I would not be surprised to see rationing cards again – but in the U.S. I’m not sure the population would be very good about adhering to the rules.