Back at it again

This is one of my Digiart as I call it.

It has been yonks since I wrote here.   But I am feeling the hankering to write again.   I have become increasing lazy with it comes to writing.  When I think how prolific I was in the beginning.

Of course the whole Covid thing has had heaps to do with it all.

Today is raining like all get out.  We have had a very wet start to Spring.  Especially the poor souls up North with tremendous floods.

I do not know how they cope with it.  One town has been inundated 4 years in a row. Poor loves.

Climate Change? I am not sure.  I tend to swing in and out on that one.  I remember fierce hot weather a little kid some  70 odd years ago and flooding drowning Gippsland completely.

In those good old days, no air conditioner and no decent heating except of fireplaces.  We don’t know we are living today.

I am going to try to keep journal-ling again.  Maybe share some memorabilia down the track as well.  We will see.

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November 1, 2022

I’m glad to see that you are back, even if its just an entry now and then. I go into writing slumps but always come back to it. I hope the same for you. I absolutely love that photo/artwork.