My Bestest Buddy

Here is my best friend. Buddy the Beagle. He came into my life as a result of my daughter’s marriage breakup. I will fill you in about that at sometime.


Any how he was two years old and had no training at all. I really could not see myself bonding with him at all. He changed all that.


Well now some 10 years later I can walk him without a lead. A bit of a miracle for a Beagle. He is a loving, gentle boy and I am head over heels in love with him.


He is my fourth dog and I have loved each one passionately. But there is something. Something indefinable about Buddy and my relationship with him.


During 2 years of strict lock-down here in my state, a communication happened between us that I have never experienced before.


It wasn’t due to being alone, it was more than that and I will even go as far as saying we communicate telepathically. I know how that sounds. But I cannot explain it any other way. There is something between us that is beyond words. He knows it and so do I


. My daughter says it is plain spooky. It seems somehow we are on the same wavelength. I never have to tell him to do anything, sit, stand, go, come etc., He just knows. He can tell when I have an appointment before I even get off the couch. He will bark as if to say get ready you are going out. He always amazes me.


I joked with the vet the other day, that I think dogs are evolving. She gave me this funny look and said, ” my co-workers and I were just talking about that yesterday”.


Who knows. All I know is he is the closest to a soul mate that I have ever had.

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