Where did the weekend go?

This weekend was both fun & relaxing. I enjoy weekends like this, and technically it was an extended on since Dan was sick on Monday so I stayed home with him.

Thursday we had our second session of D&D with Paul as the DM.  (this is the one I am a paladin)- It went pretty well, we used the Roll20 app and it was fun to have a visual on the TV. Though I missed the old map & figures.  We got to explore this house, I believe we are doing the curse of stragh’d.  Either way I need to work on updating my notes on the session.

Friday was just a typical day, work then just hanging out at home. Nothing too eventful, we did watch Thor vs Ragnorock. That was a great movie.

Saturday I had another D&D Session (teagues). This is my level 10 Cleric. We had this really cool scenario he was running us through, it was built for Gencon 2, back in the 70s. It was fun to run our characters through a sci-fi spaceship and have them not understand what things were. (like microwaves, computers, arcades). It was a fun side quest.  Also got to celebrate my friend Maggie’s birthday. We had unicorn cupcakes.

Sunday/Monday consisted of much of nothing. Food was had, kitty was played with, video games were played, and that was about it. Got to catch up on Big Bang Theory watch through, now I am on Season 7.

Nothing much planned this week, but the weekend will be fun. I get to play board games! woo!

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