Clench Jaw

Being the youngest in our family, my life shuts when my mother died last 2013. Mother supports my all the way, this time is a lot different, all my father’s side, but the bloodline of my father are practicing cannibalism. I get to live where every touch, breathe, eats some kind of a raw meat, smells bad. Mother was still alive she taught me the main theme of our place, that I should be considering. And all those true to life stories that she used telling me, warned me really, all the issues in our town, all the connection, and really all the man-eating practice here. Father is on there side, sadly speaking when facing the mirror I could no longer get to recognize myself the way I look before when my mother is still with me, this time my jaws are always clenching. I know that this will not be the end. God help me get through this all.

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