Made Fool of Myself – Chapter 1

I have been dating this guy from almost 2 years now. In the beginning everything was pretty good. I told him about my past, my trust issues, my insecurities and he said he will never do anything to make me feel like that again. I requested him, sort off begged him that if I will trust you please don’t make me regret trusting you. Things were fine for few months. In the beginning I was not that serious and was taking things casual as I didn’t wanted to get hurt again. But he started doing little little good things that I began to developed feelings for him. He went to temples just to pray that I love this woman and want her to be mine for life. He kept 4 days of fasting just to get his wishes come true. I melted with all this and thought he is the one.

If a person can do so much just to be with me, he will never break my heart. Everything was going perfect we were in love in no time.

One day my parents asked me to meet a guy for marriage. (In india arrange marriages are very common). I told my parents I am kinda seeing someone and they said that’s good and would like to meet him. I was full of joy and happy. I told this guy that my parents were looking a man for me for marriage and I told them about us and they are happy for us and would like to meet you.

He hesitated for a bit and said isn’t it too early?  After a while he said oki I will meet your parents. At that time he was away due to his work and said once he will be back he will meet my family. As the day passed by he gradually started avoiding my calls and messages. He said he is busy with work and doesn’t get much time. He can’t use his phone all the time and due to his work load he finishes late from work. I said that I understand his Situation and asked him to come back soon as I Miss you, he said he have go and will talk soon.

A day later I saw his instagram posts, I was surprised as he said he was so busy that he couldn’t talk to me and now out on a trip with his friends. I called him back to back but no response. I left messaged he saw the messages and he ignored. For days, I tried to contact him but no response. “I was furious and very upset”

With all this going on I didn’t realised that I was few days late. I thought with all the tensions and stress my periods got delayed. I told my friends, they suggested that I should check without delay, just to be sure that I am not expecting!

After speaking with them, I took the test and I started freaking out. My first instinct was to call my boyfriend and tell him what is going on. I called him and guess what “He didn’t answered.” I left him messages by saying that “I need to talk it is urgent please call me.” He didn’t and in the end I sent the picture of the test I took. He called me instantly and asked me what is this? At first, I fought with him and asked him where he was and why he was ignoring me? He didn’t answer my questions and asked me what is with the pregnancy test. I told him I was pregnant and his response was “I am not ready for this” “My parents will never agree about us.” “It was a mistake” “Go and do something”. I was going crazy at that moment and was freaking out. I didn’t said anything to him apart from “if you wouldn’t be here by tomorrow morning 10 am I will go to your house and tell you parent’s what you did and said.”

He begged me not to do this and said he will be there. He said “He Promise” as he didn’t knew that this word mean a Damn thing to me any more! But I am raised by an amazing family and taught not to disrespect anyone, I said ok and said I will wait!.  God knows for what I waited for may be I just wanted to yell at him at his face rather than on phone. No idea.


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June 3, 2020

Did you have the baby?

June 3, 2020

@elcreature Thank you for reading and asking. With the situation I was going through I lost the baby.

June 3, 2020

I’m sorry you went through that! What a jerk! How did your parents handle this situation? 

June 6, 2020

Hii I am also indian. In indian this kind of stories becoming more  . Hoping you will have a better life in future sis