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Has anyone heard of Alex Collier?

For as long as I have been such a strong metaphysical being, I have heard that name said in certain circles, with reverence, yet, I have never sought him out on my own. Oddly enough, if you’re an UNaware individual, I have three video downloads on my phone that I didn’t put there…how odd. What are they, you may ask. Well, all three videos are Alex Collier interviews, more then an hour, each video. I am not someone who believes in coincidence, and I did not download these three videos…someone or something put these videos on my phone, and I feel so to inform me in a way that I can understand.

An hour and a half into the first video, I’m like – this is me that I’m watching, as I’m watching and listening to him speak.

That being said, last May, May 2020, I had an extraordinarily frightening experience, that could not been seen or heard or physically felt, and yet, I felt I had been attacked spiritually from and on several fronts. The psychic aspects of what went on, put me in a position that essentially I was opened up to being a pure psychic being. I’m sure there are those of you who would say, Isn’t that a good thing? The problem with that is this, if your psyche is physical based and suddenly you are plunged into this pure psychic realm, then it will feel as if you are loosing your mind, especially if what you are experiencing is forced upon you by unseen forces. Which, for me – that’s exactly what happened. That all being said, I have never been more thankful to be as a strong a spiritual being as I have learned to become.

Now, five years ago I was introduced to Meth. While it ended in disaster, and proved to be the single most dumbest thing a spiritual being like me could ever do, I am happy to say that after that night back in May, I put that shit down for good. Whether by ill intention or by intervention, whatever happened to me that night, saved my life – for I was shocked into remembering myself. SHOCKED. It is unclear to me what happened to me, or if at all, by whom it came from that night back in May. No, I am not sorry to have done the stupid thing called Meth. It was an experience that will ultimately serve the greater good not only within myself, but humanity as well.

Here’s what I know to be my Truth.

I am a child of the light. I am one, among many, many children of light on earth at this time. I have often felt that I have lived many lifetimes and that this particular life is my final life as my human self in it’s many lifetimes, has always known life to be. I also feel that my story is not extraordinary or unique in the realm of spirit, but for some reason I seem to be more aware in a spiritual way then anyone I have ever met. This is not a brag or even anything I am proud to boldly put out there for others to take in. It is simply an observance while in a state of love.

I want you to know that if you are reading this, I love you unconditionally. You and I have never met, but if what I write in this journal entry touches you in some good way, then YOU are a child of the Light, and because of that, I see you as so beautiful. It’s like seeing a natural scene in nature that takes your breath away…you are that beautiful natural scene that is too beautiful for words. Please know that when I say Beautiful, it has nothing to do with my understanding what you might consider as judgement of your character. My awareness of you as a being on this earth, is that you are a child of the light, and that in that – to me you are perfect as you are, in all your imperfections. To me, you are so beautiful because within you is the unlimited ability to be love and light.

Illuminate your degenerated society.

Uncover the genuine human beings lost within yourselves.

Fear removes the original intent of your creation. Refuse the inner voice of fear that often times is forced upon us by outside sources.

That is what Alex says, that his contacts tell us that we must do. Each of us, all of us.

1993 was the year of my explosive awakening. Since that time I have become aware of a language of symbols. I literally have a massive amount of my own written pages of the symbols that sometimes pour out of me, onto paper with pen or pencil. Up until about five years ago, these symbols were in my head, but about 5 years ago I began to see these symbols all around me, as if my eyes were able to perceive a code of existence that is universal. It’s been a real interesting journey that for the most part, I have lived alone with. It’s been tough, and I know that some of you reading this, knows what I speak of.

But hey, look – if you have questions or possibly, just want to touch base with me – I encourage you leave a comment so that we start a real dialog. You are welcome with me. For now, I am signing off, hoping there are others out there who want to join me in real conversation. Much love to all of you, always and forever.


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