Another day…

Hello again,

I was playing the Newson family on the Sims 2, so… and here are the pix…


I aged Gavin Newson up to an adult, so he could better look after his siblings until they either left the nest, or went to college (two went) He isn’t the heir though. I had to fix his atrocious features…


Jan joins the Newson’s.


A better version of Gavin.


I remade Jan, she sort of reminds me of Taylor Swift.


Ok, so I wanted Gavin and Jan to have a baby… as I said, he ain’t the heir…


Meet little Sarah. I decided to break the ‘G’ name thing…

I will play more later…

And, the Baggins twins grew up. I think Lionel will be heir and not Clarice.


For obvious reasons, Lionel agrees. He is handsome when not making faces…


As soon as he gets to college, he has a meltdown.


More of that too..

Today is Tuesday. Bath day. I get bathed twice weekly. Tuesdays and Fridays. Lizzie will come in later than usual on Tuesdays than Fridays, Fridays she comes in at 11a. But on Tuesday she comes in 2p.

My brother likes to joke about the meals here — he says we are having ‘roo testicles. 🤣 He has an odd sense of humor lol…

Anyways, yeah…


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May 12, 2020

Hope you enjoyed your bath day.

May 12, 2020

@justamillennial It was refreshing.