Good morning y’all…

I woke up at 6a to my rooster alarm on my tab. I just got my baby sister Bees up.. I’m still kind of tired but that will leave me if I drink my morning coffee… and have my morning clonazepam fueled zonk out. That usually gets me awake. I take the ‘pam for my anxiety and PSTD. It knocks me out cold… my sister just brought me some coffee.. bless her heart. That’s better.

It is a perfect day — warm, sunny with no clouds, blue skies, birds singing, no covidiots driving like the tossers they are on the roads… nice! I like the rainy days too… but… y’know? This is the day that begs for us to be out as much as possible. I love these mid to late spring days, I’m not keen on the heat but, a little warmth is nice.

Filled up my water bottle. It’s one of those nice metal bottle shaped (but expensive) ones. I love it, it is one of my favorite colors.. black. If I can, I will sim, but with a day like today… mmm… maybe… maybe not.

The Toronto Metro Zoo has this thing, where you can go in buses and see the animals… at $28 CAD a pop, I’d say that’s a good deal. I wanna go, Ry is chomping at the bit too. He wants to take us. I hope we get to go! Think of the pictures I could take!!!

The music video of the day:

I love this song.. Joni’s great.




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5 days ago

Oh yeah, I know what you mean with the Clonazepam.

Black is your favorite color, huh?

I hope you can go to the zoo. That sounds fun

@heffay O yes. Black, purple, orange and green. Hallowe’en colors LOL! Yes, so do I!